Golden Caviar & Zafran With Lemon Peel & Golden Caviar Extracts.

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Golden Caviar & Zafran Lotion With Lemon Peel & Golden Caviar Extracts.

The Best For: > Treat Skin Dark Spots Wrinkles & Blemishes.

Nutrient rich caviar extract provides hydration in skin care and combats loss of firmness in skin. It is an ultimate Anti – Aging Skin – care ingredient.

Our dynamic Golden Caviar firms – tech delivery system when gently massaged into the skin allows repairing and preventative benefits which specialize in counteracting aging and environmental damage.

:> A culinary luxury used for skin.

:> Caviar improves skins elasticity.

:> Improves and prevents wrinkles

:> Super anti – aging formula .

:> Skin will feel soft & smooth.