Coconut & Papaya Lotion With Vanilla Bean & Olive .

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Coconut & Papaya Lotion With Vanilla Bean & Olive .

The Best For: >Acne Treatments & Sensitive Skin Healer.

This wonderful mix of coconut and papaya with a touch of vanilla bean and olive oil brings many healthy components that are great for the skin and gives you a glowing and healthy look .

:> Coconut Oil provides deep and real moisture.

:> Coconut Oi helps strengthen underlying tissue and remove excess dead skin cells.

:> Papaya- Papain in papaya is helpful in removing the dead skin cells.

:> Papaya is abundant in anti oxidant due to the huge concentration of Vitamin A

:> Papaya is a  great skin -firming and antiaging.

:> Papaya helps reduce pimples and scars.

:> Olive Oil is a natural remedy for dry skin if your prone to dry flaky skin then is the lotion for you.

:> Can be used on dry crack heels as well .